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"The Ultimate Doors are closer to The Doors than I could have ever imagined."

-Gareth Blyth
(Roadie for The Doors 1969-1971)

Original Doors Roadie Weighs In On The Ultimate Doors Tribute

"As a roadie for The Doors from 1969-1971, as well as being a lifelong musician who had the privilege of working alongside Paul Rothchild and Bruce Botnick, I have lived and breathed music and The Doors for the majority of my life.

I spent years working alongside the members of The Doors; even as far as to sit in for John Densmore on drums due to his blisters. I have ran soundchecks with Jim Morrison, tuned Robby Krieger's guitars, and spent a lot of one-on-one time with the band. I got to know The Doors on a professional and personal basis; we became friends.

"Cover bands" are not my thing, but I had the opportunity to see this band called "The Ultimate Doors: Tribute To The Doors."

It was like stepping back into my memories. The Ultimate Doors are closer to The Doors than I could have ever imagined. Everything to the last detail was there. Their appearance and wardrobe was correct. Their equipment is exact and even placed in the correct positions. Even their personalities on and off stage are right!

Above all, The Ultimate Doors are great musicians, and it takes a lot to impress me, having worked with the real Doors during their day.

The Ultimate Doors give a great homage to the founding band!

These guys are the closest thing to being Jim Morrison and The Doors 2024!

If you have a chance, I highly suggest getting a ticket to see The Ultimate Doors tribute. You will not be disappointed."

-Gareth Blyth

(Roadie for The Doors 1969 - 1971)


Gareth on John Densmore's drums. Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and The Doors' road manager, Vince Treanor in foreground. 1969.


Gareth doing soundcheck on John Densmore's drums. 1969.


Gareth and Doors' road manager, Vince Treanor.. 1969.

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